VirusOff Titanium Disinfectant
VirusOff Titanium Disinfectant
VirusOff Titanium Disinfectant
VirusOff Titanium Disinfectant

VirusOff Titanium Disinfectant

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VirusOff Titanium is an all natural food grade virus destroyer and disinfectant for surface, air and water purification.

The primary coronavirus killing power comes from VirusOff's food grade titanium dioxide, TiO2, and silicon dioxide, SiO2.

Proven Virus Destroyer - Titanium

The special antiviral chemical properties of TiO2 and SiO2 were discovered by a team of Rice University researchers in 2011.
Their findings were released by entrepreneur and chemistry professor Andrew Barron.

'"Remarkably, Barron said, further work with varying combinations of titanium dioxide and silicone dioxide found the balance between the two at the time of the discovery was nearly spot-on for maximum impact for killing viruses like corona virus."'

Barron said he put the virus killing mineral formula in the public domain as a public service.
He wanted he said to put people over profit and hopefully save lives.

TiO2 has been used for decades as an antiviral to disinfect water, purify the air, clean surfaces and make many products like toothpaste, sunscreen and colorings for pharmaceuticals.

New Titanium Coronavirus Destroyers

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the recent release by scientists of titanium based coronavirus solutions like masks and sprays.
Some of the solutions protect consumers against viruses for five years.

German entrepreneurs recently released a titanium coated disinfectant that lasts for up to three months.

VirusOff's disinfectant lasts for at least 28 days. Its duration increases with usage as the minerals clean and restore the air.

VirusOff's Antiviral & Other Uses

VirusOff can be used as a spray and cleanser. It can be applied alone or added to soap to destroy viruses and odors in clothes, in kitchens, toilets, and other surfaces.

The hand made antiviral contains several cleansing minerals that get rid of black mold, mildew and greenhouse gases while reflecting the heat and repelling bugs like mosquitoes.

The mineral mix can be added as a white pigment or mineral water to building materials to create heat reflecting, self cleaning and virus free buildings.

Each 1 pound or 450 gram bag of VirusOff mineral powder produces 16 gallons or 60 litres of disinfectant when mixed with water.


VirusOff Titanium cleansing powder is sold in a simple convenient bag.
Mix 6 teaspoons or one ounce of VirusOff in a container with up to 1 gallon of water.
Shake or stir the mineral mix and water for 1-2 minutes to use it to wipe, wash and disinfect surfaces and protect the interior or exterior of buildings from heat, heavy rains, bugs and viruses.
For air purification stir or shake up to 8 cups of warm water with 6 teaspoons of VirusOff.
Warm water helps activate the minerals.
Strain off the warm mineral water to use it as a disinfectant, virus destroyer, and mosquito repellent on walls, floors and other surfaces.
You can reuse your mineral powder as an air purifier by reheating the water.

Wear gloves when using this product. You should not use this product if you're allergic to nickel.


VirusOff Titanium comes from the world's only known volcanic source of high purity calcium oxide, CaO, with titanium dioxide and several other food grade minerals.

The rare natural CaO is slaked in water to produce a food grade calcium hydroxide which is used to make antacids.

The minerals resulted from an ancient volcanic ejecta that occurred millons of years ago.

The ejecta left behind several natural non-toxic cleansing minerals like magnesium, silicon, aluminum, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, sodium, potassium, nickel and iron.

VirusOff Titanium Disinfectant
VirusOff Titanium Disinfectant