ET Eco Rock Legal Defense Campaign

Jamrock is using its rare blend of eco friendly mineral rocks for its campaign for a better planet and better banking.

Its upcoming crowdfunding campaign will be used to raise funds to distribute and promote its antibacterial greenhouse gas absorbing ET Eco Rock.
Some 20% of the funds will also be used for a class action suit against some of Jamaica's biggest banks.
The suit will primarily seek refunds of the Ja$45 billion the banks withdrew for their unlawful dormant bank account fees and compensation for fake mortgages that were used by some of Jamaica's private and Government bankers to seize properties and businesses.
Jamrock will be one of the complainants in the planned class action.
Jamrock's 86 year old cofounder has been subjected to more than 25 years of alleged mortgage fraud by Ja's Government and private sector bankers.

Jamrock's Bad Banking Experience

Jamrock has experienced 28 years of unfair and allegedly fraudulent business practices by the island's state and private sector bankers.
Shortly after Jamrock discovered marble on its property and started producing marble tiles for hotels in 1991 several false bank charges, mortgages and discharges were registered on the old property title of Jamrock’s owners
Some of the false mortgages were registered on behalf of senior bankers while the Bank of Nova Scotia, BNS, was holding Jamrock’s title between 1990 and 1993.
It took Jamrock 25 years to find out that it had an old title.
BNS cancelled Jamrock’s title without Jamrock’s knowledge or consent in February 1991.
The attached copies of the titles include several false title and mortgage registrations. Only two are for Jamrock.
When the Government’s National Development Bank, NDB, took over Jamrock’s BNS mortgage in 1993 NDB never told Jamrock about the fake mortgages that were registered on Jamrock’s old title.
NDB paid BNS for the fake mortgages and other charges that were falsely registered on Jamrock’s title.
Jamrock’s BNS mortgage debt moved from JA$800,000 in March 1990 to JA$3.45 million by December 1993.
Jamrock also paid for the fake mortgages and false bank charges when Jamrock paid off its NDB debt to NDB’s successor the Development Bank of Jamaica, DBJ.
If you would like a group to defend your consumer rights when companies disrespect them support Jamrock's Consumer Lobby Fund.